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The tones of the 15 strings are: c', d', e', f', f-sharp', g', a', b-flat', b´, c", c-sharp", d", e", f", g". 
An amplified children-lyre 
at last, though no
decrease       of quality and sound  and wide applications !!!


              -  for the little ones...
                    -  for modest newcomers...
for schools,   


         ...     ...the  

               "David´s -harp" 
       the amplified children-lyre !       
Did you know, that the boy sheperd David was the
                first  music-therapist?

     23 And it came to pass, when the evil spirit of God       
                  was upon Saul, that David took an harp, and played with his hand:
so Saul

                   was  refreshed, and was we
and he evil spirit departed from him.
                                                                            1 Samuel

  Even open sound construction, made out by southamerican wood,  well known by guitar craftmanships.
     A children’s dream instrument ! (trustworthy!) Easy to play, pleasant  with its pure silver sound and - in spite of short number of  strings - you can use it  widely extended. Why that?

       With its range of 1 1/2 octaves the "David's harp"  equals the ordinary children lyres, but the inclusion of three alterations, -sharp, b´-flat and c"-sharp, enables to play about nine different major/minor scales - instead of the usual C-major one. So it enables you to play all kind of children's songs similar to what we used to do with the recorder, e.g. Minuets of  Bach and Mozart, little dances of Schubert, artful adapted folkloric pieces from Bartok  a.s.o. And all this without the annoying change of tuning required in former lyres, meaning a  nuisance pushing kids and adults away from playing the children - lyre.              

   The addition of the three alliterated tones - as usual in lyres a little bit deeper and to be picked by the left hand from the rear - also mean a favourable pedagogical effect: the 12 apparent same strings become structured and so are more likely to be recognised. Also thankful received are the 7 rainbow-coloured marks at the pentatonic pegs, which will help out mothers and kindergarteners  to recognise and overcome difficulties at the "David's harp". This also helps teaching children groups to find the right strings.

    In spite of its open construction, the sound volume of the "David's harp".  is markedly stronger and withhold than other compatible children lyres. This assert is thanks to a strong wood election and a new developed case construction.

All these features put the  "David's harp"  versatile for:

           - kindergarteners and educators ( for improvised accompany of fairy tales f.e.)
- for  mothers  for assertfull musical educacion
           - for children from 5 years to 12 upwards
- for schools, homes, youth-groups a. s. o., who like to integrate  lyre-playing:
            the low 
costs of the "David's harp"  enable them, to realize this project.  

The "David's harp"   costs  about  half  (even less, sometimes) of  the  usual  price of  small  sopran  lyres  in  the   market !!

     Also cheap and practical is the alltogether-case for 4  " David's harps". 

    The added
"Play Instruction Manual"  for the"David's harp"  contains in methodic and didactical sequence, with ease pictures: 10 pentatonical songs, 10 folksongs and 10 small pieces of  barock, classical and modern music, easy to grasp and play, taking advantage of nearly all possibilities, so as canons and multiple voice combinations. (Still only in German or Spanish)

     Above all  this "Play Instruction Manual" for the "David's harp"   fits play requirements for all models of lyres itself  for children and adults.  

The the "David's harp"  costs with tuning key, wooden case and manual
 .... including free delivery to your house:   .............................. . 2
85.- *

Within 4-7 days -you will receive your lyre at your home.

( Lira Aurelio  with this price, although three cords more,  is
25 % below the prices of the leading German producer.)   

Alltogether case for 4  the
"David's harps" ....................... 130.-

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