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With 41 steel strings from C to e"', cromatic tuned.


 - for lyre music of highest standards.
- for professionals...
                                - for soloists performances...



Integral high quality wooden frame
for optimal sound thus
 avoiding sound
leaks from glued jointures.



A soundfull instrument with over three octaves range. In spite of the voluminouse sound outcome it still keeps its caracteristical clean singing sound of lyres. With great versatil applicances: for chamber music, singing accompaniments, for professional soloist performances. In short: for ambitious adult lyre artists.

HERE - Youtube - you can see and hear this nice instrument, played brillantly by a japanese woman!! -

Grand Sopran Lyre,  schellac unpolished, including tuning key..........    950.-      
Plastic case, strengthened by glass fiber, stuffed with noble tissue       
All together, including free delivery to your house  ...  1.090.- *

 * ( Lira Aurelio  with this price,  is 35 % below the price of the leading German producer!)  

Within 4-7 days -you will receive your lyre at your home.

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