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  Here  you  will find music pieces reunited for all levels of lyre-players, beginners or advanced. Some of these works are already printed in the lyre-literature, but usually fitted for two or more voices. In order to satisfy ambitios soloplayers, the pieces,  however,  were adapted close-by to the original author’s composition. The fingering suggested is according to the usual playing routine.  When the performance it permits, the whole disourse of the original is arranged; that includes the melody,  harmony and  voices. As the lyre permits to play intervals of decime (or more) between index and small finger,  this advantage was often be applied. 

      Sometimes there were modifications been made in order to favorise sound and players technique of the lyre, but as a whole, the transscription for lyre was kept as close as possible to the original, so that a posthumous agreement of the composer could be taken for granted.  

     Of course, copies for personal use or in order to play in music-groups are permitted.  The size of the instrument is remarked in each piece.  

        This ensemble of works is steadly enriched.  The musical pieces can be downloaded free of charge  for personal use or for musical groups.  Xerox-copies must denote authors-index Ó For commercial use only by certified permission of its editor Lira Aurelio! 

   We  wish enjoyment for both player and listeners ! 

           Buenos Aires,  July of  2003                       Volker Phoenix                                                                                                                                                                         

  How to choice and print  a music piece ?

  Click on the piece you choosed in the contents (more down this page) of these pieces, Your elected piece will apear like single page. Then print it and enjoy...


     PS: Providing you know of some good music which might be of interest to be brought to the public, I will be delighted if you send them to me, say by fax or otherwise. Together with the neatly scripture, we need to know the author, and if its rights are not overdue, his acknowledgement permission writing is necessary.

   Furtheron, we also adapt manuscripts ( if easily depictable ), which will be developed by Encore Music.Program reproduction, fitted with a suggested fingering.


     We are looking forward for any contact coming from you.. Thank you!

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DH    =  
Davids Harp“         KSL  =  Small Sopran Lyre         GSL  = Grand Sopran Lyre 


Johann Sebastian Bach (1685 – 1750)    Bourrée                                                                               KSL
Bartók  (1881 - 1945)                       Adagio (Klagelied / Complaint /  Canto triste)                KSL
Bela B
artók                                               Alte ungarische Weise                                       KSL +  GSL
(Old  hungarion song  /Antiguo canción húngaro)
Bela Bartók
                                                Sostenuto                                                                  GSL

L.v.Beethoven (1770-1827)                    Freude, schöner Götterfunken 
(aus IX. Symph.)         KSL
Cesar Franck  (1822 -  1890)                    Lied aus der Creuse  / Song from the Creuse                           
                                                                                                                 /Canto de la Creuse             
G.F.Händel  (1685 – 1759)                          S.1   Ciacona / Chaconne / Chacona                              GSL
                                               S.2   Ciacona/Chaconne/Chacona                    
Johann Krieger (1651 – 1735)                 Menuett                                                                              
W. A. Mozart  (1756 – 1791)
                 Drei Knaben, jung, schön, hold und weise (gekürzt)     DH
                                           ( Kinderleier)
W. A. Mozart  (1756 – 1791)                    Drei Knaben, jung, schön, hold und weise (vollstdig) KSL  
Johann Hermann Schein (1586-1630)       Allemande                                                                            KSL


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