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     We are a  serious and reliable growing workshop in Argentina, South - America producing lyres of different sizes of best quality.

   Of  course, we only use first-class materials, well chosen and well dried wood, and special strings for lyres produced in Germany. 
  If you still donít know about the quality of our lyres, please see sound and quality

    Our moderate prices permit us to send our lyres all over the world.  A number of them went to Japan, USA, England, Germany, Brazil, Peru and so on. 

    Strings to replace you can obtain from us or from CHOROI in Netherlands, Germany, Sweden, Switzerland, USA, Japan and others. 

   The prices of our instruments already include postal rates! We send directly to your house.


 What are your inquires ?     

 Whatís a lyre at all ?
Short essay about history, renaissance and use of the lyre nowadays.

 Apply at:                         " The magic of  lyre  

                   an old mythological instrument and its recovery today "  

 What  kind of models  are made by  Lira Aurelio ?

 What else you can find in Lira Aurelio ?    and:   Try me with the price !

   How to pay, how do we send ?

terms of payment and mode of delivery 


             How can you get in touch with us ?

 address:                   Volker Phoenix   
                                   ARG - 1629  Pilar
                                   Provincia Buenos Aires
+ fax:                     0054 - (0)2322 - 474 667
0054 11 4170 1204 - we speak English, of course !    
e-mail:                     info@liraaurelio.com.ar

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 "  Please, listen to me"  
     Please, do not get annoyed ! This is a proposal:  If you desire to hear our lyres, we send  you site references of satisfied clients (who gave us their permission for this, of course). Please send us                      
- your postal direction,             
    -  region, you can reach,       and 

- notify, which instrument you are interested to hear and see.
We will do our best that you may hear and convince yourself of  the beautiful sound and best quality of our lyres


And on our side, we as well like to hear from you, questions and suggestions. Please let us know whatís on your mind ! We are interested in all kind of ideas to exchange.  Please, tell us about your experience, what to improve, what to  extend.                           

We also listen to your special desires
  and proposals of new developments.  


  With silent sounding salutes, sincerely   yours  







           Volker Phoenix.  


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 Our new service for all lyre - players in the world:


... from our notebank !  

Here you will find different music - pieces for the lyre:
             - for  beginners or  ambitios soloplayers, 

             - from classical music until modern,

            - for
"David's Harp"  (    our amplified children lyre !) until  Grand Sopran Lyre.

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