terms  of  payment  and  mode  of  delivery 

   We send directly to your house ! The prices of our instruments already include postal rates  if your order includes the cases, ( and all the small things, what enter easy in the parcel with the lyre and the case, e.g. replace strings, "Play Instruction Manual", a.s.o.)   
How to order:     By e-mail we agree on all etails.
Then please transfer to the following
account in Germany: 

Owner of bank-account: Volker Phoenix        
Living in: Nuertingen, near Stuttgart, Germany
Account number: 
23 97 40 759                     
Postbank Karlsruhe                  
Bank-code: BLZ
 660 100 75  
DE 80 660 100 75 0239740759               



By air-mail .

Time of delivery:

    As soon as the bank acknowledges your payment  so 2-3 days later your order will be on its way. At this same day  I will confirm it by mail and send you also the parcel nš, so you can monitor its way by the web.

Within 4-6 days you will receive your lyre at your home.  
   IN THE PAST 16 YEARS - WE ARE IN 2013- NEVER NEVER GOT LOST ANY PARCEL!! - In cases of delay, after complaining, always - magicly - appeared the parcel within few days... It's all well controlled, worldwide, and no national post will take any risk.
Guarantee: We give 3 Years  full guarantee!
If any problem occurs please sent me very detailed fotos. So I can see whether this case is  covered by guarantee or not. - If yes, you have to send the instrument by your costs to me, I repair ot replace totally and send back to you by my costs.

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